My first language exchange

I started to do language exchange with my friend J. He is a Taiwanese.

Recently I’ve posted in language exchange web site because I wanted to learn Chinese. He replied me. He came to Japan to learn Japanese and product design.

Some people replied me, but most of them lived in China or Taiwan. It was difficult to talk with them by face to face.

I guess J seeked for someone who want to do face to face communication. So we were matched.

I bought Chinese textbook. It focused on pronunciation, you know ピンイン and 四声. I’ve heard that pronunciation was the most difficult in learning chinese, so I decided to do it first.

I brought to the textbook and met with J at cafe. J’s Japanese was good. He took N2 grade which was a  japanese license.Taiwanese speak Traditional Chinese. My textbook was for Simplified Chinese, but it was similar to Traditional Chinese in basic sentence.

I practiced 四声, Yi. First I took many mistakes, I tried repeatedly. J told me my pronunciation was good. I’m grad to hear that.

(↑This is the memo. We knew Kanji. Kanji often helped us to understand the meaning.)

In the lesson, I learned some chinese words. 多謝、謝謝、以為 and so on.

Of course, I taught him Japanese. Talking theme was hobby, daily life and cafe menu! There was a cafe menu on the desk. Menu had many Japanese words. They looks informal words. I thought the normal textbook didn’t have them. For example “ホットアップルシナモン” and “濃厚うにのクリームパスタ”.

These Japanese was difficult for him. After I taught him, he found what they were.

My first lesson was very fun.

See you next time!